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Alien Vacation Art Auction

I'm selling my Alien Vacation series of paintings via auction until around December 3rd or 4th. Check the auction section for more information.

Art terrariums created with thrift store glassware and ceramics using original alien figurines.

To order any of my art please email:
To see what I have for sale today please visit (
Please note : terrariums are not shippable but I can send alien figurines and alien flowers.

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Photo sets of recent work:

"Monsters of the Mojave" made from found wood and polymer clay
"Art Dolls" made from polymer clay
"Tillandsia Hangers"- made from air plants and found objects
"Lamps and Chandeliers" lighting designed and built from various materials
"Welcome Home Troops" made with toy army men and polymer clay
"Desert Detritus" digital photography
"Desert Aliens" digital photography
"Costume Portfolio" some of my work from 20 years of costuming for theatre, film and TV

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