Title: Grifters of London

Artist: Thyrza Segal

Size: 3 1/4" x 4 1/4"

Medium: Acrylic on thrift store print.

Original painting by: The original work is one of a series entitled "Cries of London" by Francis Wheatley done in the late 1700's

Back Story on the painting: These two corrupt eggs are funding their trip to Terra by hustling humans. The first will distract an earthling with cute antics while the other one jacks his wallet. They also regularly get loud and belligerant after drinking too much salt water...somewhat abundant on most parts of Earth....sigh....

The print was done on a slightly thicker than normal paper and it was folded to be doubly thick (kind of like a flimsy greeting card)

Current bid: $400.00 (2nd bid) - SOLD



Framed scan

Framed scan back

Unframed scan

Unframed scan back



Original work by Francis Wheatley

Copyright 2013 - Thyrza Segal