Title: Ja

Artist: Thyrza Segal

Size: 3 1/8" x 5 1/4"

Medium: Acrylic on thrift store print.

Original painting by: The original images are from a 1935 Curt Teich linen souvenir photo set called "Aloha Hawaiian Islands".

Back Story on the painting: Having mastered the "Hula Dance of the Islands" lesson book on their home planet, Ja and her sister Ju got jobs dancing at dusk for the tourists of Waikiki.

The prints are on slightly thicker than normal pulpy sort of paper. There are prints on both sides of the paper.

Current bid: $150.00

Photograph Ju

Photograph Ja

Framed scan Ju

Framed scan Ja

Matted scan Ju

Matted scan Ja

Detail Ju

Detail Ju

Detail Ju

Detail Ja

Detail Ja

Detail Ja

Detail Ja

Original print Ju

Original print Ja

Copyright 2013 - Thyrza Segal