Title: Uncle Harvey

Artist: Thyrza Segal

Size: 3 3/4" x 4 1/2"

Medium: Acrylic on thrift store post card print.

Original print: From a 1935 set of Curt Teich souvenir photos that have images on both sides of the paper. Here is an archive site that has almost all of the Curt Teich vintage post cards and photo sets: http://www.lcfpd.org/teich_archives/

Back Story on the painting: Uncle Harvey really liked seeing the splendours of Hawaii and everyone was very surprised at the patience that Hawaii showed him...

The print is on a slightly thicker than normal pulpy sort of paper. There are prints on both sides of the paper.

Current bid: $550.00 - SOLD


Framed scan

Framed scan side

Framed scan back

Unframed scan





Original print from Curt Teich
series of Hawaiian photo prints.

Copyright 2013 - Thyrza Segal