Welcome to my low tech art auction!

I decided to host the auction myself thinking that it would make all of our lives easier. I haven't put anything on Ebay in years but remember it to be quite a nightmare...plus it's cheesy. I've never done this before so I hope it works out. If anyone sees any obvious flaws in the plan- please let me know and I will do my best to rectify the situation.

The auction will go until December the 3rd/4th . I'm not going to say the exact time so that nobody can snipe (swoop in at the last microsecond with the winning bid). I would just hate it if anyone got angry afterwards.

The prices listed below represent the current bid for each painting.

You can bid by clicking the "bid" links on this page or the "bid" link on the individual painting's page. This will take you to a form that gets emailed to me. The form is ultra simple.

I will update the current bids as often as possible but at least once a day.

The reserve includes standard shipping world wide and gift wrapping too if you want it. If you need it overnighted to Borneo though, you'll have to pay the difference. There might be a chance that the painting won't get to you by Christmas depending on how far away you are from Canada.

All the frames are from thrift stores (don't expect anything new) and although not all the photos have glass in the frames (reflections) I will definitely have glass in the frames when I send them to you.

Feel free to email thyrza@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Click on images below for more details.

  • Twisted Sifter link from 2012
  • Twisted Sifter link from 2013
  • Tested - (Mythbusters' blog )
  • Reddit
  • Laughing Squid
  • Buzzfeed
  • Slate
  • Incredible Things
  • Apartment Therapy
  • Bloody Disgusting
  • 22 Words and many more

  • William Gibson
  • Jonathan Caroll
  • A.K. Anderson amongst many other others

    NPR show
  • Studio 360

  • Gayle Bass (Right This Minute)
  • Jamilla Knowles (BBC)
  • Erin Bried (Self Magazine)
  • Alex Wild (Scientific American)
  • Travis Donovan (Huffington Post)
  • Wendy Sawatsky (Winnipeg Free Press)

  • Wil Wheaton
  • Ashley Clements
  • Jeri Ryan
  • or Hollywood hottie Grey Damon, (He knows my name!)

  • Marian Call

  • Ropin' Cowboys
    - $500 - SOLD

    A Slither Down the River
    - $400 - SOLD

    Fun at the Lake
    - $975 (2nd bid) - SOLD

    - $200

    A Summer Swim
    - $400 - SOLD

    - $200

    Grifters of London
    - $400 (2nd bid) - SOLD

    The Secret
    - $300 - SOLD

    The Potato Train
    - $300 - SOLD

    - $150

    - $150

    Idle Eyebird
    - $325 - SOLD

    Surf Monster
    - $400 (3rd bid) - SOLD

    The Tour Bus
    - $300 - SOLD

    - $200

    Uncle Harvey
    - $550 - SOLD

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